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Located in the western Netherlands, Amsterdam is the Dutch capital but also the commercial capital of the country, and one of the top financial centers in Europe, although not the seat of the Dutch government. One of the main things to know about Amsterdam is that it is a water city, as the river Amstel connects to a large number of canals in the city. The “Venice of the north” is divided into several districts: De Wallen (the quays), Waterlooplein, Gratchen, the Museumplein, Jordaan, de Pijp… As well as the famous red light district. There are many reasons why Amsterdam is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe: for instance, the architectural history is extremely rich, with a few examples of Gothic architecture (het Houten Huys at the Begijnhof), many Renaissance style buildings… And it is just the beginning! People especially like to have to look at the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, the gardens… And also the famous coffee shops! Indeed, the nightlife is quite developed in Amsterdam, with many clubs and restaurants. There is a wide range of options, from the luxurious and expensive ones to the affordable and simple ones. What about the brunch? Well, in recent years, it has grown to be more and more popular – probably thanks to the international population in Amsterdam. How about eating a champagne brunch, an English brunch, a jazz brunch, a vegetarian brunch or a turkish brunch? Therefore, there are a lot of nice restaurants for the brunch, wherever you are and whatever you feel like eating: pancakes, eggs, tortillas, or even oysters!  You will find all types of restaurants in this cosmopolitan city, during the week as at the weekend. If you go to Amsterdam by train, a lot of brunches are opened next to the central station. If you want to brunch, Amsterdam is an excellent choice!



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