Brunch G's
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Goudsbloemstraat 91 1015 JK

AMD Amsterdam


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- /10

Beschrijving van de redactieraad

If you come to Amsterdam, you absolutely have to try G's! This hotspot is very cool, popular, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The staff is just adorable.
And it's just the beginning, since the food is excellent and very tasty. Whether you are starving or whether you are still tired from partying last night, you will find what you need.

There are all our brunch-favourites: eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, Benedict...), bacon, potatoes, French Toast, burgers, salads, scones... And of course delicious cocktails!

Want to try something new? The Brunch Boat is perfect for you: two hours on a cruise, including brunch, for only 37,50€.